Our mission?

Remember those day when you rushed over to your friends house after the school-bell rang to play games together the entire afternoon?
Either singleplayer or multiplayer, big or small, a lot of game developers nowadays are focusing solely on a solo experience. Those experiences are great, but we at Dauntless miss having a good time together on the couch with friends! Don’t you?


Who are we?

Dauntless Games is an independent games company with three dedicated and passionate people, located in Enschede, the Netherlands.



Dennis Roerdink | Programmer

“Official office chair racing champion 2015”
Our very own versatile zeros and ones wizard

Dennis Roerdink

Steven Molenbroek | Artist

Loves creating characters. Strike a pose and he will animate it.

Steven Molenbroek

Vincent Boer | Artist

Likes anything 3D related. Heavy Substance-Designer abuser

Vincent Boer

Kevin Gelking | Intern programmer/artist

If you need coffee, he’s your guy…
(ps: talented programmer/artist too).



Saxion Startup Center supports us with great business insight, advice and a place to work together. We could not do what we do without their help.